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Our extensive knowledge and experience with both the creative and technical aspects of web development ensure our sites are attractive and offer the right functional capabilities to provide a positive user experience.
Technology That Works
WebTech Root selects technologies and products that meet the full spectrum of users' requirements, are efficient to operate, and scalable to meet our customer's current and long-term objectives. Functionally, we strive to provide a fast, convenient, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain site for all individuals. Webtech Root has expertise in the use of all common web capabilities, as well as advanced technologies that bring together a variety of data and services and provide multiple levels of access control.
Creativity That Inspires
Using the right technologies isn't enough. It takes creativity to make a website work. WebTech Root doesn't take a cookie-cutter approach to web design. One of our distinguishing characteristics is our expertise in creating highly stylized, compelling visual concepts. And during the design process, we always keep the "big picture" in mind-ensuring that concepts for the web easily translate to other mediums. By asking the right questions early in the process, we provide a cohesive and effective design that doesn't compromise quality and cost-effectiveness.
Our comprehensive web design and development services include:
  • Strategic technology planning - IT architecture planning, long-range and short-range implementation planning, and legacy system retention and interfacing.

  • Web system design, development and integration - Architecture development, requirements analysis, integration/ customization of COTS applications, Section 508 accessibility compliance, streaming audio/video and webcasting.

  • Award-winning creative services - Web, print, and multimedia products.

  • Application development- Custom application development, database-driven systems, and online registration systems.

  • Secure infrastructures - Password-protection, public key infrastructure (PKI), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), digital certificates, firewalls, and virtual private networks.

  • Customized, secure web - Based collaboration tools-workflow management systems, discussion forums, real-time and asynchronous collaboration, and document management.

  • E-commerce solutions - Robust, scalable systems with fully automated processing and secure electronic payment.
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