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Q1. How long does it take to develop a web site ?
It will depend on the scope of your web site. But generally it takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to design and develop a web site. Most individual and small business web sites take 1 to 3 weeks, medium business web sites take 3 weeks to 2 months, and larger web sites can take 2 months or more.
Q2. Can you use my company's existing logo, brochure design, and other materials for my website ?
Yes, we can certainly use your existing company literature such as logos', brochure, etc. for incorporating in the new web site.
Q3. If I already have a site can you help me improve it ?
Yes. We can redesign or add content to an existing site, and costs less money than building one from scratch.
Q4. Do my business need to have a computer etc. to host or maintain a web site ?
Not necessarily. You can hire web site design and hosting services. All you need to an Internet connection through your local ISP. e-mail contact is almost a necessity for hosting or maintaining a web site.
Q5. What are the things that you expect from my company to complete the web site design ?
Brochures, logos, photographs, product descriptions, business cards etc. are all recommended resources to use. For new businesses we will help you get started from scratch. A dedicated person will answer any questions during your website project.
Q6. Is there any maintenance required after designing and hosting a web site ?
Depending on the business, some amount of maintenance would be required. As your business evolves, it may require some things to be added, deleted, or modified. If there is no much change in the business from time to time, the maintenance will also be minimal.
Q7. How can I be sure of your productivity ?
You monitor the development completely and every phase of development has material results that you can see and review. The complete scope of the work is defined at the initial phase of development and approved by you.
Q8. What risks do I have in outsourcing development ?
First of all, the usual risks of software development: proper definition of the task, proper planning, proper managing and proper development process. We do our best to address these issues and have many successfully finished projects.

The second is communication. There should be Project Managers, who communicate every day. Failure in communication is the main cause of unsuccessful development. Any message addressed to us will be answered during the same or next working day.

The third is agreements. Responsibilities, payments and other arrangements have to be well made-up and clearly understandable, safeguarding the interest both sides.

Q9. Can I try your services first before signing a contract for a large system with you ?
Yes, you can request us to do a pilot project. We will do it with payment upon successful completion.
Q10. Which languages can I speak with WebTech Root ?
Q11. What is the process of working together ?
Normally, our communication is based on Emails. At times, we chat also. Incase of emergency, you can take the help of phone/fax etc.

To start with the project, we need complete specifications in the form of .doc file. Based on those documents, we provide you the quote and time frame.

Normally we quote a project on an hourly basis but once we have the complete specification, we can provide you a fixed price quote too.

After your acceptance, we will start with the development work and keep you updated as we progress. We will place the scripts on an extranet for you to monitor progress on a daily basis. We make every possible effort to deliver the project on time.

We provide 10% concession (upon recommendation of the Project Manager) on the total Invoice amount to those customers who provide us detailed and accurate specifications.

We usually take a 30% deposit to start work. However, for the first project, we will waive this condition. You can make the payment by Bank wire transfer, corporate cheque, or any other method that you may prefer.

Incase you prefer some other method of working together; you are most welcome to discuss. You can mail us at support@webtechroot.com or provide us your phone number and a convenient time to call.

Q12. What programming experience does WebTech Root have ?
We can provide Design and Development Solutions to enhance your business. Our design department is making not only the user interface of the software and documentation of a superior looking, but, primarily, provides a full range of web design, graphics and multimedia development services e.g. corporate presentations, Flash Animations, Flash sites, e-learning Modules, logos, brochures etc. We can provide Web Development for Windows and Linux platforms using Flash Actionscript PHP/MySql, ASP, ASP.Net, ColdFusion, COM/DCOM, Java, Perl . We have developed systems which use Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Access databases, sometimes all of them simultaneously via ODBC.
Q13. How is confidentiality of my clients protected ?
We can sign a Confidentiality Agreement with you. Apart from this, we have over 65 customers who can vouch that information shared with us has been kept confidential.
Q14. Do you work on an hourly basis or provide a fixed price quote ?
Normally we quote a project on an hourly basis but once we have the complete specification, we can provide you a fixed price quote too.
Q15. I have work which I need done overnight. Do you have resources to take it up and immediately ?
We have plenty of resources. At any point of time, we are working on multiple projects and can take up new projects on short notice or no notice at all.
Q16. Do you charge for a quote ?
No, we do not. Feel free to send your RFP and we will provide you a quote free-of-cost and with no obligation.
Q17. Your development process looks complicated. Is it really necessary ?
The software development process is complicated by its nature Excluding any stage leads to higher risk and lower quality. Sometimes we are asked to simply provide programmers, but such "savings" on management, planning, testing and documentation bring many problems in future and the final cost of the system becomes much higher, if the system can be finished at all.
Q18. Can I get some references about your previous work ?
It will be our pleasure to provide you references and their contact information.
Q19. We are a web design/software development firm and we want you to work with our clients without appearing as a different firm. Can you do this ?
Yes we have worked in this manner. You just create an email ID for us at your site and we can communicate with your client through this email address while working on their project
Q20. I need some work done urgently. Which days are you off in the week ?
We are off on all the Saturday and Sunday.
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